November Chronicle by Gamze Öztürk and Gleb Maiboroda feat. contributions by all On Tradition - Future Ancestors 3: The Mother, The Archival and The Symbolic Order participants.

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> Sands drawing shared with all of us


The archive of If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution in Amsterdam.

Frederique Berghholtz (director) + Anik Fournier (curator)

+ Sands Murray-Wassink (artist)


The gesture of a (Collective-)Drawing as a response/assessment/reflection.


I am an image and image maker / Dichotomic nightmare that we’ve been living through for nearly two thousand years / Therapeutic aspect of the work I do is art / Asshole / Survival-acceptance-art/Writing is drawing <> Text is figuration/It took a while for the word “intersectional’ to travel to me / I am with my husband for 26 years now / Everything I do in my life is part of my practice / Three Mothers> Spontaneity-Courage-Rigorousness / Sometimes I don’t like to look at things I like / Performance artists often given themselves what they missed in their childhood / Stream of consciousness

> Old horse memories with new avatars


Warm-up assignment from Louis Schou-Hansen:
1: Move your hands like you are making fire. Move as fast as you can. When you are tired and your hands are warm, touch your face. Feel the warmth glowing over on your cheeks.

2: Move your hips in the shape of an eternity.

3: Continue moving your hips in the shape of eternity then stretch down your arms and let your hands hang and draw on the floor the movement of the eternity coming from your hips.

4: Stretch as low as possible.

5: Slowly move all the way up and continue moving your hips in the shape of eternity.Then stretch your hands all the way up to the sky, above your head and continue drawing the shape of eternity in the sky.

6: Remember all the movement comes from your hips.

7: Continue stretching and moving in the ways that are comfortable for you.

8: For the end, slow down, stretch your arms as high as you can, look up, then breathe out and throw your upper body down.


Coop 結束身體練習時 我們 閉上眼睛 再次打開眼睛


這些人 將會在這一年和你緊緊聯繫在一起


We close our eyes at the end of the physical exercise at Coop

Open our eyes again

Please look into the eyes of everyone in front of you

These are the people who will connect deeping with you throughout the year

I feel like I've really come through the fog to here

我們詞不達意 詞不達意

(唔? 如何翻譯 詞不達意)


We can't say what we mean / We cannot express our thoughts precisely in words

hmm? How to translate “ci bu da yi”/ words without meaning

But we still want to listen and feel


會相互問起 媽媽用你的母語如何發音?(媽媽用你嘅母語點樣講啊?)

How do you pronounce “mom” in your native language?



而有時候(宜有時) 即使通過語言述說

但由於巨大的差異 缺乏耐心 而無法感同身受

Words are not the only way to communicate

And sometimes even through words

However, due to the huge difference, the lack of patience and the inability to empathise



Mother Earth > we are children who are in an unconscious fight with her. But what if the Earth is not a mother > how does this proposition change the materiality of creation? Can we rethink our materiality of creation? Can Earth change as well?


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