a.pass: Reading Performance by Rana Hamadeh (DAI, 2009)

| tag: Brussels

February 8

This reading performance will set off a trail of questions regarding the notion of "alienness", as part of Rana Hamadeh's current research. Bringing together elements from science fiction, architecture, political theory as well as narratives from Hamadeh's personal history, the artist asks whether it is possible to think of the alien as a political subject, and whether outer space in science fiction can possibly be a productive locus for thinking issues of rights and justice. How would it be possible, under the conditions of Empire, to think the rights of man beyond the institution of the nation-state? And what would constitute the political agency of the ‘alien’, understood as both an outcast with regards to the law and an extraterrestrial ?

 Rana Hamadeh is an alumna of the DAI

a.pass, Delaunoystraat 58, B-1050 Bruxelles, 15:00

a.pass is an artistic research environment on post-graduate level, containing two study programs