Kevin Immanuel

Kevin Immanuel is a dialectical cultural theorist/artist/writer/architect/performance artist. His research articulates, defines, abstracts, explores, recontextualizes, deconstructs, numerous fields, disciplines, and modalities in Media, Culture, and History, using  avant garde conceptual art, experimental cultural theory, and continental philosophy. Immanuel has been published internationally in, Literary Journals, Art Journals, Art Blogs, Exhibtion Catalogs, and Artist Publications, notably, The TEXT ( U.K.) + The Graphic Tales of Mr. Todd & Associates ( CDN ) + MOBILE ALBUM INTERNATIONAL ( Paris/ New York ).  His conceptual art practice includes exhibiting in the biennale, KAAP 2010 Biennale, Utrecht, Holland, and at Art Metropole ,Toronto, Canada, and performances in European galleries.





Lear more about Kevin Immanuel’s publication (DAI, 2008)Michel Foucault Letters