CALL: do you know any lullabies from the Friesland area, or instead, lullabies from other places? Especially lullabies that highlight the reality and shadow side of parenthood are of interest to the research of Sanne Kabalt (DAI, 2018), the Kunsthuis Syb resident of November and December 2022. Here, in the very North of the Netherlands, Sanne explores the historical, narrative and aural qualities of (regional and international) lullabies and intertwines them with her visual practice. Sanne, a new mother, will bring her daughter with her as a source of inspiration and primary audience. By examining lullabies, Sanne takes a historical but also current look at what society’s expectations of a mother are to this day. Your "lullaby suggestions" are most welcome at You are also welcome to stop by at Kunsthuis Syb during the weekends.

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In addition to extensive research on international lullabies, Sanne conducts personal interviews with Beetsterzwaag residents and researches the Tresoar archives to gain insight into Frisian lullabies.

During her workperiod, Sanne focuses on lullabies, a type of song used throughout all times and cultures to lull babies and small children to sleep. The lullaby possesses many different and often ambivalent qualities; it is meant to soothe, but the lyrics can be obscure; it is spoken in intimate private settings, but is also part of a self-evident collective knowledge.

The lullaby holds a unique place in our historical heritage. The fact that the lullaby usually originates within the intimate relationship between mother and child, with no listeners, offers lullabies a sanctuary to express thoughts and concerns that may have no place in public life. For example, there are lullabies in which the woman confesses not to love the father or miss her lover. Or it is a place where she can be vulnerable and sing of her own fatigue or the reality of poverty.

Sanne's residency will conclude with a public presentation in late December 2022.

During Sanne’s residency, Kunsthuis SYB is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 5. Until December 4, the exhibition Carriers is also on view; an exhibition of the work of the 5 nominees of the Sybren Hellinga Art Prize 2022.


Sanne Kabalt 

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