"Many from the Global South intimately know how important it is to build and maintain institutions. Working with various governmental actors, representatives of the private sector, foreign funding bodies, and diverse community actors is difficult but extends a much-needed lifeline to Global South initiatives. When so much is at stake in what is both a crisis of the institution and of the hitherto hegemonic Global North, could the South champion decolonization by putting its know-how into a spirited defense of institutions? Could this be done, if only to acknowledge that it is possible to build something—something institutional—together despite considerable geopolitical and ideological differences? How could this be done with defiance, in order to rise above being cast as the permanently victimized junior partner?" WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO READ (DAI COOP tutor) Mi You's thoughtprovoking essay "What Politics? What Aesthetics?: Reflections on documenta fifteen" for e-flux journal. " Whether this documenta should be defended is not the question. The question is how it can be defended in a way that also allows for a constructive critique of the exhibition." Click to find the link here.

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