Izaro Ieregi González: Love, Failure and Shame: Material to Configure a New Past Present Future


Thesis Advisor: Ana Teixeira Pinto

August 2022


The following work is presented as embodied research,highlighting the 1 interconnection of my own experience and research in contemporary art through the notions of embodiment and precarious experiences.These last two concepts 2 are related to the new subjectivities that different theories propose, predicated on the issues revolving around the crisis of the subject, which in turn suppose a more corporal approach against the backdrop of a looming catastrophe; where the subject is presented as vulnerable as well as coming from a precarious experience. This thesis arises from the need to investigate the relationship between contemporary art and society, and to analyze the influence that art has on the formation of subjects, but especially opening the discussion about the place of the personal in art and giving the importance that it needs.