Elien Ronse

"I am Elien Ronse (she/her), a visual artist engaging in trajectories where different fields merge such as contemporary art, community work, political activism, theoretical research,… My work questions problematic relational mechanisms in late-capitalist society. Through collaborations I aim to shift normative social structures throughout the whole making-process.

The main starting point in my practice is the relation between commodities and people, I’m looking into daily objects and the ways they affect our habits. Through observations I collect visuals from subjects employing things or ways in which tools shape our behaviour. I think the relations between objects and subjects are simultaneously problematic and beautiful. With a focus on mundane things directly surrounding us I want to disclose how we re-appropriate objects or resist political mechanisms through almost invisible behaviour in relation to things, for example creating a broken-hearted bath mat when you have heartache. With my work I aim to (subtly) tackle power structures emerging from neoliberalism, heteronormativity, eurocentrism, homogenisation and over-consumption.

I mainly use photography, video, installation and performance to create work. Sometimes my work is unrecognised as art but has its impact in alternative ways, for example the swopping of a cutlery pot: the art/performance takes place in the everyday on unexpected moments. A returning aspect in my trajectory is mimicking or duplication in order to highlight interchangeability of objects and subjects. Also friends, family or others are often involved in the making processes, because my work arises from the relational and surroundings. Within this I try to acknowledge and highlight our interdependency while struggling with internalised individualism coming forth of the late-capitalist society I am part of. With a lot of thanks and love to the many supportive people surrounding me."



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