Lucie Draai

Lucie Draai (b.1979 Bogotá, Colombia) is an artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As an adoptee of color, displaced from Colombia to the Netherlands – without her consent – her practice proposes to re-think and disturb the social, political terms of order that surround us.

To never settle and always stay in the displacement. A de-colonial, queer, feminist and more than human understanding of the present is necessary and calls for a shift in how we conceptualise being, life, death, and temporality. A proposal for radical imagination, love, care, hope and respect for difference.

Exhibitions, performances, readings, workshops have been hosted by and collaborated with Zoe Scoglio, Lucciana Bolivar, Ellen Rooijakkers, Daily Practice (Rotterdam, NL), H47 (Leeuwarden, NL), A Tale of A Tub (Rotterdam, NL), V2_Lab for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam, NL), Hordaland Kunstsenter (Bergen, Norway), Shimmer (Rotterdam, NL), Volteface (Johannesburg, SA), Billytown (The Hague, NL). Residencies at Artist Proof Studio (Johannesburg, SA) and AGALAB (Amsterdam, NL). Works and or publications can be found at Billytown Bookshop, Books@RET, Framer Framed, Page Not Found, San Serriffe.




Learn more about Lucie Draai’s written MA thesis (DAI, 2020): Caring Together in Decolonial Healing

Learn more about Lucie Draai’s 20 minute presentation Ongoing Negotiations for "AEROPONIC ACTS  - growing roots in air" DAI's 3 day graduation lectures marathon, May 2019 at Silent Green in Berlin.

Follow Lucie's "Life after DAI" via their website and instagram