Stephan Blumenschein

In his artistic practice, Amsterdam based artist Stephan Blumenschein takes up the spatial as a subject through the investigation of physical spaces as well as inner and imaginary spaces.

With an interest in historical, socio-political and ideological conditions he cares about how he/we imagine, make and organize spaces. He focuses on the spatial experience and the way the “social” is defined by how we work with and through space. How do we enter and manoeuvre through the different layers and relations of spaces?

Appearing and disappearing through the doors and behind the walls; to linger and wait, exit and return; to take, share and give space.



Learn more about Stephan Blumenschein's 20 minute presentation But what a view! Let's take a picture! for CONSTANT CRAVING ~ PERFORMING UNDER CONDITIONS, DAI's 3 day graduation lectures marathon, June 2018 

Learn more about Stephan Blumenschein’s written MA thesis (DAi, 2018): Why Do We (Still) Make Exhibitions If Nobody Shows Up After the Opening? The Exhibition Opening as a Medium

Learn more about Stephan’s "Life after DAI" by means of his website