Get Health Insurance!

(The information on this page was graciously copied  from DAI's Quick Arrival Guide For International Students Written By Students (in 2020).)

ArtEZ now arranges the first year of AON Insurance for all non-EU students automatically. The cost for the first year is included in the financial guarantee and will be debited from it before you get the refund. For the second year, students have to renew their insurance themselves directly with AON. The policy also covers liability, home belongings and baggage, accidents and legal aid. Approximately two months before your first-year policy is due, you will receive notice from AON including the option for extending the policy for another year. The procedure is pretty straight forward and can be done completely online. 

ArtEZs recommended insurance, AON, is a basic student insurance from an American company and works as travel insurance, meaning you will often need to ask for refunds via the company after paying the invoice at the doctor/hospital/pharmacy yourself. This is not always the case and some students have found they didnt have to pay when visiting a GP or getting blood tests. Either way, its a good idea to check before you make any assumptions.  The pharmacies and doctors will likely be confused by this because most people have Dutch insurance that the service provider (doctors, clinics, pharmacies, etc.) communicate with directly. 

AON student rate (around 39 euro a month) is only available if you aren't working under contract or if you are registered as an entrepreneur (more on that in DAI's Quick Arrival Guide For International Students Written By Students ). If you are not working or doing an internship, your only option is through AON. As soon as you work and pay tax in the Netherlands, youll need to apply for one of the many providers of the mandatory Dutch Health insurance which vary in price but come to around 115 euros a month.  Depending on your earnings a large percent of this can be eligible for reimbursement each month, so it can often end up being the cheaper option in the long run. You will need to register online at the Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Office) web page for this and other benefits. 

The information provided by ArtEZ about all things "insurance" including Liability.

IMPORTANT: during our DAI Weeks on location ArtEZ has a collective accident insurance in place for all of us - but a Health insurance is still conditional ! In case of an accident or other calamity Jacq van der Spek will assist you with this.

Check the rules for  the zorgtoeslag or care allowancehere: you have a Dutch bank account number and a tax number (VAT), the government will reimburse you up to about 100 a month, meaning you might pay about 20 a month for Dutch insurance depending on your income level.  

Check out,  a Dutch website that assesses the best/most relevant/affordable Dutch insurance for you.