Financial Guarantee

As an incoming student not holding a passport issued by one of the EU /EEA members, or not having a regular permanent residence permit (type II), or an asylum residence permit (type III or IV), but wishing to register in the Netherlands, you must transfer a financial guarantee.

The Financial Guarantee of € 23.605,- concerns non-EU /EEA passport holders wishing to obtain a visa and to be registered and based in the Netherlands. 

You will only need to transfer the financial guarantee once,

as your residency permit will be valid for the duration of your studies ( + one year thereafter) 

In most cases, confirmed scholarships can be deducted from the financial guarantee.

The Financial Guarantee will cover: 

*the first year of your tuition,

*your visa registration costs 

* your health insurance ( during your first year of study).

The remaining sum will be transferred BACK to your Dutch bank account. 

Non-EU passport holders, who have been accepted at DAI/ArtEZ, in need of a residence permit have to pay their financial guarantee (including the first year tuition fee) no later than 31 May. Read more. 

No Financial Guarantee is needed for non-EU passport holders who are not bound to register as a resident in the Netherlands, for example because they are living in another European country and will manage to travel to the monthly DAI Weeks at various European locations with another valid, legal document. Read more here.