Agata Cieślak

"My name is Agata Cieślak. I currently live and work in Warsaw and introduce myself as a visual artist and writer, and occasionally as a curator. I often work with others. While working across range of media and modes of address, drawing curatorial and institutional scenarios I try to deconstruct the given tactics and strategies; while searching for the meaning of art-making. I have graduated at the Dutch Art Institute (MA Art Praxis), and later studied philosophy at the Graduate School of Social Research in Warsaw (21). Since 2022 I have been enrolled to PhD Philosophy (Artistic Research) at Mozarteum University in Salzburg.
I have been working both as a curator and a producer of the first edition of – Platform for Female Artists from Central and Eastern Europe, and I'm the initiator of POTOP – independent bookstore and artist-run-space, which launches later this year in Warsaw.

Through writing, painting and object-making, as well as film and performative projects my practice examines relationships between contemporary labor, “nature” and enjoyment (jouissance). In recent works I’m focusing on the subject of class hegemony in the context of art, and exploring apparatuses of control and sovereignty within contemporary art’s system. My practice is grounded in academical research outlined between Marxist critique of contemporary art, understood as socio-ontological category, as well as Lacanian psychoanalyses and theories of comedy.

Despite many doubts, I still believe in the importance of art today."


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