Bárbara Wagner (DAI, 2011) and Benjamin de Burca’s first moving-image work, Faz que vai (Set to Go, 2015), is titled after the Brazilian expression Fas que vai mas nao vai, which refers to a fundamental dance step in frevo, a form of dance from Recife, Brazil, where the performer suddenly interrupts a forward movement and jumps in the opposite direction. It could translate to something like ‘Do as if you go, but don’t’, or ‘Pretend you are going’, though the impossibility of properly expressing the phrase in English speaks to the limits of translating culturally specific forms of expression across languages, classes and geographies. Read the article in Frieze that introduces you to ‘Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca: Five Times Brazil’ their exhibition at the New Museum in New York which runs until 16 October 2022.

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