Rui Vilela (DAI, 2012) writes us: Friday, September 16th, we will hold a Listening Session focusing on sonic fragments from the last years of the Liberation Movement in Guinea-Bissau. Rádio Libertação (1964-1974), the broadcasting station of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC), played a pivotal role in establishing collectivities by means of sound. We will hear snatches of conversations, broadcastings, and songs that tell us about daily lives, political achievements, and individual motivations to defeat colonial yoke. Archive records from the National Radio Broadcaster of Guinea-Bissau resound these fragments back to us, and demonstrate the sonic contours of the anticolonial insurrection. 

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Rui Vilela invites you to discuss curatorial approaches to the archive.
Address: Singel 421-427, Amsterdam
Belle van Zuylenzaal, University Library C1.13
Time (Amsterdam): 4:30 pm
Conceived by Vincent Kuitenbrouwer 
In collaboration with the Cold War Research Network
Mama Saliu Sané, general director National Radio Broadcaster of Guinea-Bissau
Nadja Wallaszkovits, professor of conservation of new media and digital information
Idalina de Barros, transcriptions Bissau-Guinean Creole