COOP study group A Blues For Essential Workers presents


COOP study group: A Blues For Essential Workers is a temporary collective of radio experimenters with a hang-out appreciation. We are a salad searching for a bowl to be tossed around in. We dream of sonic intimacy in the heart of pervasive storms from the cold shores of geographical particularities. We are workers, students, cultural practitioners, listeners and researchers here to parasite Parasite Radio. 

We invite you to join our public program composed of broadcasting, performative actions, and spatial interventions. Hosted by Archive Sites in Milan, the programme is the culmination of a year-long inquiry on how our voices can relate to the essential worker. By raising questions that emerge from encounters with modes of labor and the social circumstances created by and as a result of them. The reverberations of these investigations are explored in settings of sonic intimacy that facilitate polyphonic understandings. As such, we will together shape a space to relate, to encounter and negotiate through dialogues, epilogues and catalogs.

The study group's presence is woven throughout Roaming Assembly#30 presents sonsbeek Council#4, A Blues For The Tired, Salty, Essential Worker, an ongoing invocation convened by sonsbeek20→24.

The study group consists of Derek MF Di Fabio (cleaner-and-other-mess-solver-also-artist), Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart (artworker and gig economist, former french frier), Till Langschied (artist, meme conoisseur and former sex shop employee), Vera Mühlebach (yet to become artworker, former temporary visual art specialist and bycicle courier), Ros Del Olmo (fruit grower and nighttime radio writer), Emmeli Person (producer, and well known sleeptalker) Alexandra Martens Serrano (artist, word puzzler, production assistant, techno sphynx, bar team), Ronja Sommer (soundallrounder-DJ-singer-technican-organizer, lifehacker), Marika Vandekraats (tarot reader, secretary and friend).

The study group would like to thank ﹌﹌, Art Goss, Art Workers Italia, Cengiz Mengüç, Chiara Figone, Egija Inzule, Ibrahim Cissé, Marc von Elburg, Milone Reigman, Muna Mussie, Noura Tafeche, Raul Silva C., Risa Horn, Romy Rüegger, Shenece Oretha, Sonia Kazovsky, Tomboys don’t cry & wages for, wages against.

A Blues For Essential Workers = curatorial team sonsbeek20->24 (tutor team), Derek Di Fabio, Jan Pieter ‘t Hart, Till Langschied, Vera Mühlebach, Ros del Olmo, Emmeli Person, Alexandra Martens Serrano, Ronja Sommer, Marika Vandekraats (student participants). Partnering institution: sonsbeek20->24

More information about COOP study group A Blues For Essential Workers: here