Cristina Emmel ~ Keywords: illegibility, scattered letters, materialities of language, bumpy non-linear time, swallowtail, parallel listening, gleaning, something got stuck in my throat, loops, are words temporary alliances of letters, or sounds in particular order, or ..., poetry, ephemeral temporalities, voice memos, performance, paroles

Cristina Emmel is an interdisciplinary artist and writer whose practice includes installation, text, performance, found objects, video, sound, print and textiles. Her research is concerned with materialities of language and para-language, focussing on porous transitions between legibility and illegibility as forms of resistance against hegemonic colonial knowledge formations. 
In performative installations, her work contemplates affective relations to language, memory, fragmented storytelling and recording, bringing elements together into constellations that enable moments of parallel listening and interference. Exploring methodologies such as gleaning, sampling, transcription and (mis-)translation, she aims to counter and interrupt narratives of mastery and measurability through particularity, chance and incompletion.
Cristina Emmel (CH/BR) holds a BA in Philosophy and Art History from the University of Basel and an MA in Art Praxis from the Dutch Art Institute. Cristina currently lives in Basel and Brussels.

Learn more about Cristina Emmel's written MA thesis (DAI, 2022): Dissolving Into Stains: On Failure, Illegibility, Scatteredness and Ephemeral Temporalities
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