Hannah Jones ~ Keywords: la facultad, movement, perception, tremblement, transdisciplinarity, liminality, ethics and responsibility in science and technology, poetry, abolitionism, anticolonialism

Hannah Jones (US) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work spans performance, choreography, dance, music composition, video, writing, clothing design and painting. She holds an MA in Art Praxis from the Dutch Art Institute and a BA in Studio Art from Oberlin College. She has shown visual and performative work and participated in artist residencies internationally including in Detroit where she formerly lived, as well as in Lisbon, Skopje and Berlin at venues such as Trinosophes, What Pipeline, and Blake & Vargas, among others.

Her research is concerned with unsnarling tactics of oppression including systemic enforcement of unequal distribution of wealth and opportunity based on race, gender, class, ability, etc. She promotes a cultivated awareness of and resistance to internalized narratives that undermine one's emancipatory capacities, and the often unconscious adoption of Neoliberal or Neo-fascist ideologies. 

She enjoys working and experimenting collaboratively, across disciplines, and as part of collectives. Hannah Jones currently lives and works in Berlin.



Learn more about Hannah Jones' written MA Thesis (DAI, 2022): An Abolitionist Dance in Ruins