Derek di Fabio ~ Keywords: Lost sources, diffractions, feminist epistemology, physic quantum jump, post porosity, prison abolition, participation, (un)workshop, poetry, voices, vocalizing, choir on bikes, louder, long collaborations, archaeology, grief, nearby, decolonial practice

Derek di Fabio's work includes workshops, scenographies, sculptures, audio-walks, poems, and events and is composed of “experiences that can be re-lived through shared-memory and can no longer be circumscribed by who / how / where.”*
Their work is to be listened to in bed when one speaks silently to themself, read loudly but melodically on the dancefloor, perceived around a bonfire when our bodies together are closer to planets. It makes a claim overall: to befriend the spaces in between and to deal with respect with unpredictability and void, where life always manifests itself.”**

Since 2010, they have been working with Cherimus, an association that aims to contribute to the development of the social and cultural patrimony of South-West Sardinia through contemporary art.
They co-funded the artist-run space Motel Lucie (2009-2012) and collaborated with Isa Griese as 2008 daughters (2012- 2016) a project involved in sartorial production and participative performances.

* Astrid Korpooraal, 2013 ** Dalia Maini, 2021



Learn more Derek di Fabio's 20 minute performance untitling matter from a confined nature that forces categorical identification for 'tuttə (le) rottə - all (the) ways: unfixed' ~ DAI's Aeroponic Acts 2022 at Centrale Fies in Italy. 

Learn more about Derek di Fabio's written MA thesis (DAI, 2022): Diffracting Abolitionism: Incarceration Through Quantum-Feminism: Leaps between those fears that made me whole.

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