Dandelion Eghosa: "I breathe first for me, and for those who comprehend the magic of changing skin to preserve the soul".

Dandelion Eghosa (b.1995) is a non-binary and queer visual artist from Nigeria.Their research is based on the role of performance and memory in (African queer) archival culture. They work with diverse visual mediums including photography, poetry, analogue collages, and film. Their interests lie in documenting the expressions of everyday life and in highlighting marginalized identities particularly the Afro-LGBTQ+ community. Their work offers a fresh interpretation of queer imagery and encourages the expansion of human thought and feelings.


Learn more about Dandelion Eghosa's written MA thesis (DAI, 2022): Soliloquy of a Distant Thunder: Performing Nostalgia, Body Memory, and Aesthetics of Past Homes

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