Maud Gyssels ~ Keywords: sound, performance, sculptures, poetry, new materialism, echoing, language, dialectics, collective listening, nightlife

Maud Gyssels (°1993) lives and works in Brussels.

Maud holds a MA in Art History from the University of Ghent (Ghent), a BA in Arts from LUCA School of Arts (Brussels) and a MA in Art Praxis from the Dutch Art Institute

She’s co-founder of TAFEL, a collective with Neri De Meester, that experiments with food and performance via conceptual dinners and other gatherings.

Together with her siblings she runs Dauwtrip, a nightlife collective aiming to provide a shared space to enjoy electronic music and other sensorial experiences and to find ways to celebrate the night.

Maud’s practice exists of many ways of working, mostly through writing, drawing, curating or composing. Looking for moments to collectively share sounds, words and movements, she currently works with performance and sculptures. Her main inspiration comes from new materialism, psychoanalysis, poetry and queer theory.



Learn more about Maud Gyssel's 20 minute performance one clap two collapse for "tuttə (le) rottə - all (the) ways: unfixed" ~ Aeroponic Acts 2022 at Centrale Fies in Dro, Italy. 

Learn more about Maud Gyssels' written MA thesis (DAI, 2022): On Echoing: A Spiralling Journey Through Matter and Matter

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