Lissy Willberg ~ Keywords: freaks forever, psy-fi, tangible theories, erth, sensual knowledge, rhythmical patterns, lounge lizzard, uncountable encounters, sonority, spatial commentaries, forever-in-process

Lissy Willberg (b. 1989, East Berlin, GDR) is a sound and movement artist, researcher, and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (DE).
With a background in dance they explore social and spatial dynamics through installations and performances based on participatory proposals. Movement scores and digital sounds create a research environment for all attendees to encounter each other within. These site-specific constellations blur the boundaries between being, performing and participating
After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (2020), Willberg completed an M.A. at the Dutch Art Institute (2022) and participated in the first Postnatural Independent Program (2023). 



Learn more about LW's written MA thesis (DAI, 2022): Hyphenated Score: A Terpsichorean Examination of Space

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