Rene Landspersky ~ Keywords:  Language ideologies, cyber-Identities, gesture of writing, translanguage, multi modal meaning making, intergenerational desire, language-doing

René Landspersky works across disciplines to explore the intersections of language ideologies, cyber-IDentities and concepts of culture, both historically and present. Raised in-between the landside and city in Bavaria, South Germany he departed early on his journey to learn about the symbolic values of othering and belonging on many levels.

As a text- based artist René Landspersky's work originates in the gesture of writing and language-doing to question. Taking it from ink, paper, and pen, he then engages with many forms of creative expression, including, photography, sculpture, sound, and the smart phone. In his empathic journey departing from his cultural heritage of Czech-German origin the dusts off archives and searches historical narratives to translanguage their relation to multi modal meaning making. Landspersky seeks to incorporate and touch upon the intergenerational desire to find out how we inherit history, herstory, theirstory and where to go from there by means of lifelong learning.

As leading member and carrier of what remains gallery collaborative work is integral to his process-oriented practice, along with creating a forum for the critical voices in contemporary art and beyond.


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