June Chronicle by A Blues For Essential Workers participants

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sonsbeek20→24's Parasite Radio take-over last dear-diary practice...

Hello, hello.... Parasite Radio was parasited by the students of Dutch Art Institute. Contrary to sensationalism, we approach the parasite lovingly as we see the activity of parasiting as a way of relating that is open and dynamic.  So in this parasitic understanding, lend your ears to 1800-Para-DAIs, an experimental past-hour of stories and voices.  

Thinking through the para: beside, alongside, parallel currents, paranormal paradigmes… sonsbeek20→24's COOP collective explores the para parasite on site from Performing Arts Forum (PAF)  in St Erme now on a podcast! Through this program we worked with the para as a proximity and an entry point to various dubs in relation to the notion of ‘speaking nearby’ as coined by filmmaker Trinh T. Minh-ha. We invited you to paradoxically parachute your voices to our play of public sonic intimacy. Have you landed well?


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