14 YEARS OF A.PASS ~ this is an invitation to the book launch of “In these circumstances”: on collaboration, performativity, self-organisation and transdisciplinarity in research-based practices' is a publication about artistic research as it is practiced within the co-learning environment of a.pass. This book brings together an assemblage of curatorial, artistic and pedagogical approaches emblematic of an institution that fosters collaboration, self-organisation and transdisciplinarity in research-based practices. The launch will take place on Friday May 20th - 16h30 at les Brigittines. a.pass profites from this moment of celebration to make a Toast to the Future because - as many of you know - the launch of "In these circumstances” coincides with the Belgian Ministry of Education’s decision to put into question the financial support of a.pass. 

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The book presents itself as a printed version of the educational model of a.pass. It enacts its characteristics in a conversational and experimental mode, exposing questions and doubts as much as insights and convictions. It conveys a history of the stakes, qualities and methods of artistic research in the context of both an ongoing academisation of art education, as well as an abrasion of the once unbridled scene of artist-run organisations in Northern Europe. Documented here is how a.pass has carved a space for artistic research to deploy its tentacles with joy, risk and excitement, to imbricate in fields of both art and education, and to stir the sediments of disciplinary enclosures.’
Address: Les Brigittines, Petite rue des Brigittines, 1000 Bruxelles.
The launch is part of Platform(e) organised by Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Kunstenpunt/Flanders Arts Institute and WBTD | With the support of SACD (Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques) In collaboration with: openoffice, Producers' Academy, a.pass.