Floris Visser

As an artist Floris Visser is engaged with questions on the repetition of history, looking into the recurring patterns of how we organise social life. This research materialises in the form of public interventions, new social scenarios and performances, and comes with an aesthetics of modesty. Such modesty is not about advocating passivity or refraining from responsibility, but about actively opening up our relation to our surrounding, the other, our future and ancestors in order to learn how they are all connected.

Combining his background as an artist with his background in cultural critique and social sciences, his design praxis deals with the organisation of collectivity. Floris Visser researches and develops concepts and formats that deal with social structures, civic institutions, plurality and publicness. He
 is interested in the meaning of plurality and publicness in society, food, health and pedagogy. Floris Visser is the founder of Public Food and  De Volkskantine.

Learn more about Floris Visser's 20 minute presentation  Take care in beholding the self  for CONSTANT CRAVING ~ PERFORMING UNDER CONDITIONS, DAI's 3 day performance-lecture marathon, which took place at State of Concept in Athens in June 2018.  

Learn more about Floris Visser’s written MA thesis (DAI, 2018): Motivationalism

Follow Floris’ Life after DAI by means of his website and his Linkedin page