Framer Framed and Errant Journal are happy to present Errant’s third issue on DISCOMFORT, beginning from the understanding that feelings of discomfort often reveal the boundaries of power relations in our societies.  Errant #3 (with contributions from, among others, Amal Alhaag) takes the ambiguous feeling of discomfort as a productive space to think from. What if instead of avoiding discomfort, we lean into it, dwell on it, stay with it so as to be able to learn from it?

Central to the issue is the presence of discomfort as it accompanies the work of decoloniality, both in positions of marginalisation and of those who perhaps feel their comfort shaken for the first time. The contributions explore discomfort through personal histories, as well as curatorial, architectural & psychoanalytic perspectives.

Dalle Abraham, Amal Alhaag, Rebecca Glyn-Blanco, Irene de Craen, Maaike Hommes, m7red, Tomás Maldonado, Marwan Moujaes, Rita Ouédraogo, Ada M. Patterson, Aaron Schuster, Mmabatho Thobejane, M.C. Julie Yu

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