Aldo Esparza Ramos

Aldo E. Ramos (born 1986, Mexico ~ lives and works in Amsterdam) (DAI, 2018) is a griot, a traveller-poet, a storyteller. He guards ancestral memories. His practice is directed towards social healing; as reconstitution, reparation and protection of ancestral knowledges. He doesn't see himself as an innovator, or creator but a guardian who receives and expresses an order that already exists. In his practice relationality is more important than the work itself. His practice is a service, an action of offering, a giving back to Earth that is shaped by the experience of listening. He practices sentipensar, changing the position of 'I think' to the 'We as thinking-feeling with the Earth'.

Guarding memory implies the responsibility of using his practice to amplify voices that are being silenced, to make visible the worlds being erased by the empty time of the contemporary; it is a weaving in between the separation of Earth, relational time, and us (as consumers). Creation thus becomes a platform that encourages relational ways of being with the Earth—as re-existence overcoming consumption.


Learn more about Aldo's 20 minute presentation for CONSTANT CRAVING ~ PERFORMING UNDER CONDITIONS - DAI's 3 day performance-lecture marathon, June 2018 was entitled “A bird told me that we are made of stories.” E. Galeano that took place in Athens.

Learn more about Aldo E.Ramos' written MA thesis (DAI, 2018): Seeking Alternatives to the Colonial Relation with Cacao

Follow Aldo's "Life after DAI" via Instagram and the website of the collective Weaving Realities