Teresa Borasino (DAI, 2005) invites us to A World of Many Worlds* ~ an exhibition presenting the work of eight Latin American artists ( apart from herself also including Aldo Esperza Ramos (DAI, 2018)) who deal with decolonial thinking/feeling in their work. Together, these artists and their work contribute to a decolonial dialogue about the way in which they view issues such as power (relations), history, politics, well-being and climate from a Western perspective, and offer perspectives in which other worlds – ways of being, doing and feeling the world – are highlighted. Opening Friday 18 March 17.00 at CBK Zuidoost.

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Teresa will be sharing a sound composition made in collaboration with Ibelisse Guardia Ferraguti that weaves together the human body with earth-beings in Ayllu.  Ayllu is a word in both Quechua and Aymara translated in the West as a community defined by territory and kinship. Ayllu is also the entanglement between Tirakuna and Runakuna; earth-beings, such as mountains, rivers, lagoons and other-than-human entities; and people. Runakuna and Tirakuna are not only human beings or earth entities in the modern traditional way; they exist with the ecosystems that make them possible and cannot be disentangled from.

* A World of Many Worlds is the title of a book edited by Marisol de la Cadena, a Peruvian Anthropologist and decolonial thinker, and Mario Blaser. Drawing on indigenous social movements and politics, the writers in this book question Western epistemologies, theorize new forms of knowledge production, and criticize the presumed divide between nature and culture—all in service of creating a pluriverse: a cosmos composed of many worlds partially connected through divergent political practices. The title of the book is derived from the ultimate goal pursued by the Zapatista movement in Mexico since 1994 in their struggle for indigenous rights: 'Un Mundo Donde Quepan Muchos Mundos' ('A World Where Many Worlds Fit').


Alvaro Aroca Cordova (Chili/Spanje), Maga Berr (Peru/NL), Teresa Borasino (Peru/NL), Aldo Esparza Ramos (Mexico/NL), Antonio Jose Guzman (Panama/NL), Raquel van Haver (NL/Colombia), Samuel Sarmiento (Venezuela /Aruba), Patricia Werneck Ribas (Brazilië/NL)

Running through 28 May at CBK Zuidoost
Anton de Komplein 120, 1102 DR Amsterdam

Teresa Borasino