Dear Rosie Heinrich (DAI, 2012) currently Fellow of THIRD research group at DAS Graduate School, shares this call for applications with all our alumni.

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THIRD, the 3rd cycle artistic research program of DAS Graduate School in the Academy of Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam, is selecting six artistic researchers to form a new cohort of peers for 2022-2024. THIRD is looking for transdisciplinary theatre, choreography and performance artists interested in exploring research opportunities over a two-year program.

The aim of THIRD is to prepare, coach and facilitate individual artists in articulating a long-term research project for enrolment in a PhD, 3rd Cycle or Research Fellowship program. Starting September 2022, participants from different backgrounds will be offered the opportunity to explore research together in intensive seminars, experience a peer-to-peer culture, a collaborative ecology of practices, perspectives and approaches to artistic research at the PhD level from within their cohort. Researchers can access knowledge about heterogeneous formats and institutions awarding artistic research doctorates, provided tailored mentoring and access to professional networks.


Rosie Heinrich