Nika Timashkova

"Growing up in two countries, both my personal life and work have been shaped by different languages, vague borders and an entanglement of cultures. The constant oscillation between polarities resulted in an ongoing process of finding positions – on Ukrainian soil and Russian language, in a post-soviet memory and capitalist condition, in artistic practice and academic work, in the East, in the West and in the Global South.

As it became clear among theoreticians that language not only represents a reality but also influences what we perceive as real, my work deals with the space in between perception and articulation, what is and what might be. In the dissolution of symbols representing borders my main interest is to push those boundaries of nationalism, capitalism and the impact of memory."

Nika Timashkova was born in Ukraine and moved at the age of nine to Switzerland. From the University of Basel, she holds a BA in East European Cultures and French Literature and Linguistics and continued with a MA at the DAI Art Praxis in Arnhem.

At the moment Nika Timashkova is a PhD candidate at the Univesity of the Arts in Zurich (ZHdK) in the project Practices of Aesthetic Thinking. She is also a member of Collegium Helveticum."


Learn more about Nika Timashkova’s written MA thesis (DAI, 2017): ...hhh// Sign Wars & amp; Semiotic Fragility hhh \\...: Wearing the Ukrainian - Russian Conflict

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