Negotiating Equity 2010-2011

Art after Space

Negotiating Equity tests artistic models amongst students, curators, artists, art critics and writers from around the world. The nature and format of this project favors cooperative endeavor, while considering the implications of self-curation. Drawing upon a wide range of artistic and art-related practices, some off the radar, undocumented and under-theorized, others representative of art historical paradigms, we examine various exhibition and presentation models along with addressing and finding other audiences, virtual or otherwise, implicitly or explicitly challenging dominant regimes of spectatorship all too often considered self-evident.

 In 2010-2011 ‘Art after Space’ concentrated on all the manifold possibilities of ‘space’ as more than just a place, including the collaboration with Srishti School of Art and Design and CEMA (Centre for Experimental Media Art) in Bangalore, India.


 Negotiating Equity

Project leader: Renee Ridgway  Guest lecturers: Simon Ferdinando, Nicholas Malevé & Seda Gürses and Stephen Wright


Mick Wilson is an educator, artist, writer; founder Dean of the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media, the national platform for creative arts research in Ireland (; a member of the European Art Research Network (EARN); and principal investigator for 'SHARE' EU-wide network (30 + countries) for doctoral studies in the creative arts. He is co-editor with Paul O'Neill of Curating and the Educational Turn, Amsterdam/London, (2010). Recent art projects/group exhibitions include: "Our Day Will Come", CAST, Hobart, Tasmania, 2011; "We Are Grammar", Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York 2011; "Portrait of a Space", Dublin 2011; "Re : Public", Temple Bar, Dublin, 2010. Current research projects include "publiCities" 2012; "the food thing" 2011-2014; "dead public" 2009-2013; (with Paul O'Neill) "curating research" 2012-2013 and "aesthetics of duration: time in contemporary art."

"The Doctor is Out: The Doctor is In"
– Or –
"Research isn't everything: Everything isn't research"
– Or –
"Just Do Something That Interests You, And Shut Up Already, Why Don't You!"
The question of doctoral level studies and the question of research within art practice are situated as different but overlapping matters. The tensions around notions of "autonomy", "purity", and "alterity" – with respect to the institutional "home" and "circuit" of art practice – are indicated within the current debates on the doctorate and on artistic research. The contest for legitimacy and authority within different, but also overlapping, reputational economies is identified with reference to the competition to name, define, delimit and authorise artistic saliency and cognitive value. While acknowledging the urgent need for critique within academic practice, a problematic naturalisation of the generalised art market system as the authentic or proper or un-institutionalised home of art practice is indicated as a key uncritical moment within the "non-integral" critique of the academy (construed as a singular institutional locus dis-articulated from the larger art system.)