Witta Tjan

Witta Tjan (DAI, 2009) (artist and MD) lives and works in Amsterdam. Tjan obtained her degree as a medical doctor from the University of Utrecht. She studied a module of Literary Science at the University of Amsterdam, and the freshman year of Art History at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. She graduated from the Rietveld Academy of Art and Design, department of Visual Art and Writing, and she obtained a Master’s of Fine Arts title from The Dutch Art Institute in 2009.

In her practice the artist currently focuses on a project on motherhood and mental illness. The project seeks to explore the clinical and community issues, stigma, as well as artistic and literary coverage of the theme. Further, it is positioned at the intersection of literature, the medical field, and visual/ performance art.


Learn more about Witta Tjan’s written MA thesis: Louise Bourgeois: Tactics of an Immigrant/ Kiki Smith: Being (at) Home

Learn more about Witta Tjan’s DAI publication /performance: Blue Linoleum