Joannie Baumgärtner

Joannie Baumgärtner (*1992, Werneck, Germany) works in the border area between contemporary art, writing and aesthetic theory.

Joannie identifies as non-binary and uses they/them as pronouns. They are usually happy to be addressed by their first name. Their focus of work is currently between Berlin and Nuremberg, where they teach sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Joannie has been working in the visual arts since 2010, with a focus on multimedia sculptural processes. From their experience with spoken word poetry, they have also developed an idiosyncratic approach to theatrical performance, as well as a writing practice that combines creative writing with critical aesthetics and cultural theory.

Joannie’s artistic output focuses on cultural history, mythology and the belief systems that shape the present. Objects and circumstances are examined for their utilitarian properties, affective qualities, as well as their relationship to social structures, processes and political powers. Everything is understood as an interacting object influenced by a complex geometry, the intersection of a multitude of spatial, temporal, historical and social dimensions. To work through this geometry, Joannie’s artistic method draws transversal connections through disciplines, themes and historical events, seeking to alter or reinvent the direction from which these objects are viewed in a social context.

Joannie graduated with a Master of Arts (with distinction) from the Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem in 2019 and with the Bavarian State Examination in Art Education (with distinction) from AdBK Nuremberg in 2017, where they were also twice awarded the title of “Meisterschüler* In” - in 2016 with Prof. Jochen Flinzer (Fine Arts) and in 2017 with Prof. Michael Stevenson (Sculpture).

Since 2012, Joannie has exhibited and performed in a variety of cities in Germany and abroad. Among others, their work has been shown and performed at Kunstverein-am-Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin, Freie Theater Innsbruck, Hotwheels-Projects in Athens and Knulp Artists Space in Sydney. Since 2016, their writing practice has been published in anthologies and artist monographs, such as Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Vienna, Kerber Verlag, Berlin and Onomatopee Verlag, Eindhoven.



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