Izaro Ieregi (DAI, 2022) announces two new projects both to be launched on the 10th of December, 2021: the premiere of Izaro's film MUGURDIAK LUGORRIAN and ME CABEZO ME CUELLO TE OMBLIGO, their solo exhibition and performance at Romo Kultur Etxea.

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The film MUGURDIAK LUGORRIAN was directed by Izaro Ieregi:
In the making of this film we examine the way in which the current situation of the world has rested on our bodies, as opposed to resignation to the future and with a longing to open new possibilities. Different feminist theorists have analyzed the conditions of the subject in crisis in order to confront dystopian discourses and open possibilities for new, more relational subjectivities that help to inhabit this world. Faced with individualism and the lack of great discourses, they have placed at the center of the debate the condition of vulnerability, inclination or interdependence, among others. These conditions are modulated by precariousness as a fundamental idea to explain the crisis of the subject and as a distinctive feature of current times and, of course, of the field of contemporary art. Throughout the sessions prior to the recording we experimented with these notions through different exercises.The final result is this piece. Which is nothing more than a story of failure, a story of shame and a story of love.

The film was created thanks to the Getxoarte 2021 Residency Grant and the production grant of the Basque Government's Department of Culture.
Date: 10/12/2021
Romo Kultur Etxea (Auditorium - Basement)
This exposition is an action of insisting. To insist is to repeat once or several times something that is said or done, in order to achieve something that is desired. To repeat something once or several times ; this exposition is repeated by displacement. It displaces the same structure within the same space, thus generating another self-referential and self-sufficient space. Specifically, the fifth floor of the building is displaced to the first floor, where the exhibition hall is located. To achieve something that is desired; in this case it is to take advantage of all the infrastructure that is offered to me and the bodies and the structure that I have activated, to produce a new act.

A new act is the exhibition itself and a new act is the performance on the 10th that on a whim is configured through the voice. Let's say that this exhibition is a double repetition that through the use of the structure used to record the film, moves from one space to another within the same institutional space. In the film, failure, shame and love are filtered into the projections of the institutional space. This is reactivated by the choreography directed by and for the camera. In the exhibition hall, the structure is repeated to enable a similar access to this space through the strategy of displacement and self-reference. In this case the camera is replaced by microphones that will organize the choreography of the bodies in the space. A space that could be understood as a ship. A spaceship or a ship, as one prefers, where the logics of the contemporary body are established.

On December 10, Izaro Ieregi, on the occasion of the opening of this exhibition, will activate the pieces of the exhibition through a performance in the same exhibition hall of RKE, at 8:00 pm.

Date:10/12/2021 - 30/12/2021

Schedule:Friday: 8:30 - 21:30 / Weekend: 9:30 - 20:30

Place:Exhibition Hall of Romo Kultur Etxea (Plaza Santa Eugenia, 1) Getxo