misted.cc is an online platform: A book of sorts. Every month an artist, writer, graphic designer or curator, who uses writing in their artistic practice, contributes a text. Throughout the month the contribution vanishes in direct relation to the number of visitors, leaving, eventually, an empty website until the next contribution is published. Concept & curation: Clara Amaral (DAI, 2019). This month's contributor is Harun Morrison (DAI, 2020). YOU MIGHT WANT TO READ IT BEFORE IT IS GONE FOREVER.

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A sneak peak that won’t disappear: 
“Natural history museums preserve what natural systems would otherwise redistribute. Rather than taxidermize a dead bird, its mass would be recirculated by a community of decomposers: bacteria, insects and rodents. The natural history museum seeks to preserve the integrity of material that resists composure, that desires to rot. What would it mean for natural history museums to incorporate permaculture principles into their preservation of biomatter?” 

2018-2020 Harun Morisson

Clara Amaral is an artist working with text and performance. Her artistic practice is situated in an interdisciplinary perspective, questioning what it means to be a reader, to be a writer, aiming to expand existing modes of reading and writing. Central to her practice is the investigation of innovative publishing modalities and the performative aspect of writing and language through an intersectional feminist approach.

2017-2019 Clara Amaral