Noise & Capitalism

“ The anti-self destroys its own position by nullifying the attributes of accumulation that shape our subjectivity today such as confidence, contacts, recognition and attention. Being no one, being nowhere, being nobody definitely not an artist, certainly not an audience, producing nothing that separates us from our objective condition, having nothing to exchange because there is nothing countable for someone to frame.”

Mattin (2011) “Managerial Authorship: Appropriating Living Labour,” in ‘Casco Issues XII: Generous Structures’

Noise & Capitalism’ is a collection of essays by various musicians, academics, activists which reflects on the artist-audience binary, specifically how “noise,” “improvised” or “free” music offers resistance and tensions that may, at worst, provide instruments for capitalism but also, at best, point to modes of ‘subjectlessness’. Noise & Capitalism is available for barter or free download at the audio lab division of Arteleku:, or via

Anthony Iles is a writer of criticism, fiction and theory, based in London. He is assistant editor of Mute, an online and quarterly print magazine,, editor of the books, with Mattin, Noise & Capitalism (2009), with Stefan Szczelkun, Agit Disco, (2011) and co-author, with Josephine Berry Slater, No Room to Move: Radical Art and the Regenerate City, (2010) and a contributor, with Marina Vishmidt, to the Communization and its Discontents, (2011)

Mattin is an artist who works with noise and improvisation, often in collaboration with others. His work seeks to address the social and economic structures of experimental music production through live performance, recordings and writing. He has produced records, performs internationally and runs two labels: w.m.o/r and Free Software Series and the chaotic net-label desetxea. Together with Anthony Iles, Mattin was editor of the book Noise & Capitalism (2009)