Please join Mirjam Linschooten (DAI, 2017) and Sameer Farooq October 14, 2021 for a performative lecture on their new work The Museum Visits a Therapist, as part of the online symposium Inward Outward — Emotion in the Archive. Spread across 3 days, the symposium includes keynote speaker Ariella Aïsha Azoulay, as well as Cécile Accilien, Amal Alhaag, Teresa Cisneros, Eliza Steinbock, and Wayne Modest.

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The Museum Visits a Therapist

Throughout the 20th century, the TropenmuseumAmsterdam’s most prominent museum of ethnography — has accumulated more than 150.000 objects from colonized regions worldwide. Today, these objects are obsessively polished, dusted, and neatly ordered, revealing an underlying anxiety connected to their violent removal. Artists Mirjam Linschooten and Sameer Farooq conclude their 4-year engagement with the museum tracing a heritage of theft from the last century to present-day acts of erasure and maintenance. With a focus on repair and restitution, the film asks: What if the museum visited a therapist?

Inward Outward

The symposium Inward Outward investigates the status of moving image and sound archives as they intertwine with questions of coloniality, identity and race, and seeks to bring theory and practice into dialogue by drawing together people from different professional and creative backgrounds. This second Inward Outward edition will focus on Emotion in the Archive, with the archive understood as resting in both physical structures (e.g. national, regional, local or personal) and less tangible “cultural archives’ (e.g. beliefs, knowledge, collective memories, etc.).