Matchmaking for the coaching of the theses in the second year has been done with the greatest possible care for content. In general we strongly advise second year students to stick to the same tutor for both the seminar as well as the coaching of the thesis. Over the years this has been proven the best possible way of studying theory at the DAI. For the students who are writing their thesis with Julia, we will find a suitable seminar during the introduction week.

Amit Rai thesis coaching 2022-23: David Přílučík + Max*ine Vajt (+ third year students Iga Świeściak, Bambi van Balen, Nadine Rhodé Visser, Gabriela dos Santos + Anna Thot)

Ana Teixeira Pinto thesis coaching 2022-23: Ioli Kavakou, Lucas Lugarinho Braga + Zuzana-Markéta Macková

Ghalya Saadawi thesis coaching 2022-23: Cornelia Isaksson, Maxima Smith + Till Langschied

Grant Watson thesis coaching 2022-23: Iliada Charalampous, Mara Ittel + Theresa Zwerschke (+ third year students Derek MF Di Fabio + Nadja Henß)

Hypatia Vourloumis thesis coaching 2022-23: Iarlaith Ni Fheorais, Gleb Maiboroda + Orestis Giannoulis (+ third year students Emmeli Person + Morena Buser)

Julia Morandeira Arrizabalaga thesis coaching 2022-23:  Adriana Leanza, Nagham Abu Asaf, Pelumi Adejumo, Ronja Sommer + Ros(alía) del Olmo