Second year participants in the seminars have been carefully selected in line with the match making for the theses. 

In general we strongly advise second year students to stick to the same tutor for both the seminar as well as the coaching of the thesis. Over the years this has been proven the best possible way of studying theory at the DAI.  

Students who are writing their thesis with Rachel O'Reilly, or students who are very sure that they want to move to an other seminar and have found a student who wants to swop places with them, are welcome to propose this swop to Florian Göttke. Deadline for this = 18 Octobre, 2021

After the 18th it is not possible to change seminars, till next year.

Matchmaking for the coaching of the theses has been done with the greatest possible care for content. It is not possible to swop places. 

Amit Rai thesis coaching 2021-2022: Hannah Jones, Isabelle Weber, Laura ten Zeldam, Maoyi Peixuan Qui, Bambi van Balen, Iga Świeściak,  Rhodé Visser (+ third year students Gabriela dos Santos and Anna Toth) 

Ana Teixeira Pinto thesis coaching 2021-2022: Cristina Emmel, Elisa Giuliano, Felix Bahret, Izaro Ieregi González, João Polido Gomes, Afrang Nordlöff Malekian (+ third year student Zane Zajanckauska)

Ghalya Saadawi thesis coaching 2021-22: Dakota Guo, Dylan Spencer Davidson, Lacey Verhalen, Miyoung Chang, Vera Mühlebach (+ third year student Kari Rosenfeld)

Grant Watson thesis coaching 2021-2022: Derek MF Di Fabio, Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart, Laura Dubourjal, Lissy Willberg, Nadja Henß (+ third year student Clara Winter) 

Hypatia Vourloumis thesis coaching 2021-22: Chiara Pagano, Dandelion Eghosa, Emmeli Person, Marilú Mapengo Námoda, Morena Buser, Nash Caldera (+ third year student Georgia Stellin)

Julia Morandeira Arrizabalaga thesis coaching 2021-22: Alexandra Martens Serano, Maud Gyssels, Ioana Lupascu, Mirjam Steffen, Liza Rinkema Rapuš, Eli Witteman.

Rachel O'Reilly thesis coaching 2021-22:  Marika Vandekraats, velvet leigh, Rene Landspersky, Michael Fischer.