Marga van Mechelen

Marga van Mechelen (dr. b. 1953) is a senior lecturer at the department of Modern and Contemporary Art, University of Amsterdam. She published widely on conceptual, performance, installation and digital new media art since the late seventies and on issues concerning historiography and visual theory in general, and visual semiotics and psycho-semiotics in particular. She is the author of De Appel. Performances, Installations, Video, Projects, 1975-1983, Amsterdam: Stichting De Appel.

Her latest book is a monograph about the leading figure of the Dutch Zero (NUL) Movement, Henk Peeters (Echt Peeters, realist – avant-gardist), and a former teacher at the art school of Arnhem. Her course about art and globalization resulted in a compilation of essays, written by her students and published under the title If you want, we’ll travel to the moon together.