Marie Tučková́ ~ Keywords: polyphonic garden, deep listening, sirens in silence, seven sisters, chaos, be wide open, "infinite rehearsal"

Marie Tučková (*1994, Prague) a. k. a. Ursula Uwe works in media of text, video, drawing, songwriting, live performing and installation. Tučková’s work investigates the politics of listening, hierarchy of voices, polyphony, various forms of collaboration and the overlapping of the political and poetic language. In her work, she draws attention to the connection between the exploitation of nature and female and queer bodies. Her work is based on long term research, collaboration, on improvisation as an endless rehearsal. Her work has been shown at the Academia Biennial of young art, Bolzano (Italy), Futura, Prague (Czech Republic), wellwellwell, Vienna (Austria) and the Jindřich Chalupecký prize exhibition at PLATO, Ostrava (Czech Republic).





Learn more about Marie Tučková́'s 20 minute performance I gave you everything I drank for free for UNDERSTORY CHANT ~ Aeroponic Acts 2021, in Arnhem. 

Learn more about Marie Tučková́'s written MA thesis (DAI, 2021): The Polyphonic Womb: On Non-Hierarchical Sound

In 2022 Marie Tučková́ returned to DAI as 'siren', leading our Farewell Ceremony at Monte Isola, an tiny island in the Lago d’Iseo in Northern Italy. 

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