Dinah Bons

Dinah Bons is a French/Dutch inclusion and diversity expert and head of creative strategy of the contemporary Dutch theater and opera company Adelheid|Female economy & Zina, She is an international LGBTQI+ /Trans lobbyist, HIV/AIDS and sexwork activist, and was formerly politically involved with the Labor party in Amsterdam, currently advising Green left Amsterdam on trans and LGBTIQ safety issues.

In 1991, at the age of 21, she began her life as an activist as a part of Act Up New York, the black and Latino youth group. She is currently the chair of Trans United Europe; an trans organisation for the black and people of colour  that works on anti racism, trans labor rights and health care. She is director of the Trans United Health clinic in Amsterdam.

Dinah is also an operational board member at International committee sexworker rights Europe (ICRSE) in Brussels, and Global sexworker projects (NSWP) in Edinburgh. She shaped transgender rights and policies for the European Union as policy maker and researcher and as former strategic director of Transgender Europe operating from Berlin.

She is member of the H TEAM, which is a unique Amsterdam collaboration between all the organisations and parties involved in the prevention and treatment of HIV in Amsterdam. Together they are working on a future with no new HIV infections. All her work centres around BPOC sexworkers inclusion and decolonizing structures and perspectives. She lives in Paris and Amsterdam.



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