Pascale Obolo

Pascale Obolo (Born in Yaoundé) is an independent film-maker, researcher, curator, activist  and editor-chief of the art magazine Afrikadaa.
As an activist, her work throws the archives and memories into question and is dedicated to the themes of identity, exile, trauma, invisibility and racism.Her research focuses on the different practices of transmission of knowledge and decolonial pedagogies in art and activist circles.
Her latest work scrutinises archives through the construction of historical narratives from a postcolonial perspective, through visual and cultural representations of political and economic history, through photography, video and performance. Pascale Obolo is a member of the Academic Council of the art school on Réunion Island. She is also founder and  director of the African Art Book Fair (AABF), an independent publishing fair that concentrates on practical editing skills and supports unique publications of a high quality in  South(s) territories.
Her current research focuses on museum acquisition policies in the era of globalization and the possibilities of decolonizing institutional practices.