August 15, 2021 at 13:30: SONSBEEK SUNDAY SERVICE in the Eusebius Church: join sonsbeek20-24 for an intimate gathering and screening of The Undercurrent, a film by artist and DAI COOP tutor Rory Pilgrim. Together we will watch the movie and engage in a conversation with Rory and sonsbeek’s co-curator Zippora Elders about climate labour, the scores of our communities, and finding shelter on this planet.

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In a time of climate crisis The Undercurrent asks how we deal with such an overwhelmingly global issue on a deeply intimate and personal scale. The film was made with 10 Youth Climate Activists from Boise, Idaho in the USA, and small towns from the surrounding area who responded to an online open call. While the climate crisis appears to be the most important theme, the activists explore how climate change interconnects with other aspects of their lives including family, difficulties with religion, friendship, fighting for gender equality and the essential need of a home. Exploring further questions of home, security, shelter, communication and nature, members from the local homeless community from Boise reflect on their experiences. Soundtracked by an original orchestral score composed by Pilgrim and singers in Boise, music and song flow throughout to explore the emotional means we have to articulate crisis. In these uncertain times globally, The Undercurrent questions what makes us feel like we belong somewhere - it is a home, a country or each other?

Location: Eusebius Church

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Rory Pilgrim