We embrace and feel embraced by, sonsbeek20-24 FORCE, TIMES, DISTANCE – on labour and its sonic ecologies. After our energetic joint assemblies in Tunis (March 2020) and Radio Kootwijk (September 2020) we are now looking forward to the next iteration of our collaboration within the set ups of Weaver, AEROPONIC ACTS 2021 and our Roaming Assembly – public program to be announced. Meanwhile we are moved by the courage, the refinement and the stature of the art works currently on display in parks and venues in and around Arnhem, DAI’s home base. We commend our current student, sound artist João Polido (DAI, 2022) on Composition (a co-creation with Louis Henderson), and incoming students, poet and performer Pelumi Adejumo (DAI, 2023) and textile artist Gleb Maiboroda (DAI, 2023) on their crucial contributions to the film by Wendelien van Oldenborgh and the installations by Werker Collective respectively.

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