Raffia Li 那/那儿 ~ Keywords:  讠word-rituals 司/寺    -all 讠  breaking      吾    /yǔ/    in   -directions   co-creating in-between    writing-typing-signing-speaking-listening-touching -bodylands     in changing breaths and minor edges/senses    氵(游) play pauses  脉搏 / 暂停  小 (乐)slow-play (hills)heals (山)疗愈 yù 昜(场) dialoguing melting   f  i e l d s  田   / 野 / 域  yù 雨 /yǔ/


As an artist/art worker, Raffia Li studies/works with the interdependent body in relations, the disabled body, the Taoist view of the body, the depersoned body, body and language “as it is“(自然的), and their complexity to be felt and moving with, other than defined or analyzed. In her work, words open as actions/rituals and languages grow as sites/playgrounds, to sense the gaps/gates under the signs, and nurture/hold the relational and dialogical spaces between meanings or meaning-making to come into shapes, melt and entangle. These works could take the form of a performance, video, visual poem or writing, in the process of slow dialoguing, rehearsing for formations of fluid space, developing a poetics that antagonizes normalism, ableism, identity politics, and remake the space of relationships, the space of meanings. Her art practice is deeply influenced by poetry, theatre of the oppressed, observations of her dreaming state, the river near Grandma 芹’s yard, diary/letter exchanges with friends, reading of Zhuangzi, her learning experience of being in a sign language art collective Shape of Language (since 2016) & their actions in the hutong(胡同)s and streets, her field research over Asian shadow puppetry and its rituals around China, in Thailand, Indonesia and India, running a community art festival Mini Shadowplay Festival (2015-2018), and her MA study in Dutch Art Institute (2019-2021).




Learn more about Raffia Li's 20 minute performance I-我 we/us-我们  you-你/你们  They- TA/TA们 for UNDERSTORY CHANT ~ Aeroponic Acts 2021, August 2021 in Arnhem. 

Learn more about Raffia Li's written MA thesis: The Under-sign: Languages as sites to be with, as they are

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