2011-2012 Negotiating Equity: Archive, Database, Research

Framework & tutorials: Renée Ridgway.  Guests: Simon Ferdinando, Nicholas Malevé & Seda Gürses, Stephen Wright, Tina Bastaijan, Prayas Abhinav, Mick Wilson, Saskia van der Kroef, Brian Holmes and Bram Posthumus. 

tags: Arnhem, Dakar

Negotiating Equity: Archive, Database, Research investigates curation as artistic practice, investigating experimental and conceptual art practices under physical as well as virtual conditions. Negotiating Equity draws upon theories of fairness in questioning divergent value systems and asserts that these terms of engagement imply rethinking the political, economic and social conditions of art, drawing upon a wide range of artistic and art-related practices, some off the radar, undocumented and under-theorized, others representative of art historical paradigms.

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