2017-2019 Zoe Scoglio

Zoe Scoglio is an artist of European ancestry living on unceded Jarra Country, Australia. She works across performance, video, sound and text in relational, collaborative and site-responsive ways. She is interested in the space of art as a site of collective study and sociality to address the western imaginary and rehearse alternative ways of knowing, being and relating. Current research explores the potential for critical somatic, decolonial and artistic methods to contribute to processes of cultural transformation in settler colonial conditions. 

Zoe is a member of The Climate Justice Code working group - initiated by Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons. Ongoing collective projects and communities of practice include The Entangled Readers with Lucie Draai, The Re-enactors with Amaara Raheem, The Castlemaine Commons Collective, The Belly Button Conference, Monstered Meetings with Lz Dunn and co, and participation in the 2021-22 Regional Arts Assembly. Zoe completed a MA of Arts Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute (2019).
Follow Zoe Scoglio's "life after DAI" via  www.zoescoglio.com