"Summer sun and slight burns, lemon sparks and ice cube white wines are arriving, maybe already lingering, or simply just around the corner." Stephan Blumenschein (DAI, 2018) releases a website, a new record, a text, two publications and a presentation (Stephan will be showing a new installation at Art Rotterdam as part of the Prospect and Concepts program, together with artists who have also received the Young Emerging Talent stipend of the Mondriaan Fund). Inspiring to see the names of other DAI alumni prominently pop up in his generous crediting and referencing of the artists with whom he collaborated on all these projects !

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Stephan writes:

"a website

all credits to Bram van den Berg, who - once more - helped to articulate and frame the things (and definitely the leading voice in this one most of the times).
The website features a.o. a beautifully made documentation video of the exhibition “Upon arrival and during our stay; leaving, leaving and leaving again” at P////AKT, made by Baha Görkem Yalim (DAI, 2018). 

>>> www.stephanblumenschein.com <<<

a record release

The release of my record “Hmm... 1, or 2 or so metres. Inside.”, which I made for the exhibition at P////AKT last summer, was already once announce, but now the record is officially officially finally out, released by ventil-records.

I m super happy the record now found some companionship with such great artists like Schreckenaka David Schweighart – who is not only an amazing musician, but one of my most favorite people <3 – as well as Katharina Ernst, Katharina Klement or Andreas Berger and Peter Kutin.

Extra special credits once more to Susanna Gartmayer(bass clarinet), David Schweighart (drums), Christoph Hehn (drums) and Manuel Mitterhuber (recording, mixing and mastering) for making this record shine.

The record (vinyl and digital) is available online via ventil-records, or at P////AKT (Amsterdam), San Serriffe(Amsterdam), soon at Kiosk (Philippa Driest (DAI, 2021), Rotterdam), and of course you can also contact me directly.

a text, two publications

The text "Tiny splashes, splashes against the wall of the exhibition space" (the script of a performance that took place as part of the exhibition at P////AKT last fall) will be published on two occasions.

> I am very happy to have been invited by Helena Grande to contribute to the July issue of A*Desk which she is responsible for as a guest editor. The text, combined with some other a/v snippets will go online on 5th of July here on A*Desk.(the text will be available also in Spanish and Catalan)

> The text appear also in P////AKT's annual publication looking back at the previous year's program. Titled like their last year's program (or was it 1.5 or 2.5ni years, who still knows?) "The space conductors are among us" will further include texts by the great Dieuwertje Hehewerth and Valerie Tee Lee, as well as the fantastic Isabelle Sully (DAI, 2017) a.o. There is an official launch on June 25th from 12-8pm (on that same day Nicola Arthen will also present a sound piece at P////AKT, a first taste of his upcoming exhibition). More information here.

and a presentation

I will be showing a new installation at Art Rotterdam as part of the Prospect and Concepts program together with lots of other artists who have received the Young Emerging Talent stipend of the Mondriaan Fund.

This will happen at the van Nelle building in Rotterdam, 01. - 04. July. Time slots (still) need to be booked. Here."