Alexandra Martens Serrano (DAI, 2022) & Natalia Jordanova inaugurate POST's secondary location in Arnhem with an exhibition expanding on their common interest in phenomena such as intersectional mapping and information networks.

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Opening: 18.06.2021

Running till: 18.07.2021

For the first exhibition inaugurating POST's secondary location in Arnhem, Symbiosis Series curated by Fenne Saedt invites Alexandra Martens Serrano and Natalia Jordanova for a ten-day working residency within the exhibition space. Within their artistic practices there is a correlation of research upon how language can function as a transferal of cultures. Interested in phenomena such as intersectional mapping and information networks, their works come together through a variety of mixed media from encaustic painting to metal structures.  

By synthesising techniques, technologies and materials, the exhibition discloses and expands on weaving narratives through digital and physical means in order to reflect and speculate upon our shifting relations to the worlds around us.

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POST Arnhem


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